We seek to become the most innovative and consistent home renovation company in Greater Austin. We will strive to ensure our customer's goals and needs are fully realized. We will strive to create a fulfilling place of employment for our team members, and to create an atmosphere of teamwork through the use of each individual's strengths.


  • INTEGRITY - We are open and honest to ourselves, our customers and our trade partners. We will do the right thing even when it is the hard thing. We will not cut corners for the sake of a profit.
  • EXCELLENCE - We always strive for excellence in all that we do. We respect and reward hard work. We're always learning and continuously improving, individually and as an organization.
  • ENTHUSIASM - We move with focused enthusiasm in all that we do. We use our time wisely. As Thomas Edison said, "Success comes to those who hustle while they wait".
  • LOVE & RESPECT - We will show love and respect to ourselves and to others. We believe that relationships should be "Win-Win".
  • INNOVATION - We seek to be on the forefront of integrating technology into homes and residencies around Austin. We strive to always innovate new and better services and business practices.
  • PROCESS FOCUSED - We admire the accomplishments of Henry Ford and Ray Kroc, who used the perfection of process to improve quality and consistency while lowering cost.


President & Project Manager

Even as young child I was naturally drawn to building things. It wasn't uncommon for me to disassemble old toys and attempt to reassemble them into some new functioning toy. To this day, I get great pleasure from building. The satisfaction is something much deeper than a paycheck, but knowing that I helped design and build something beautiful and solid that will last and please beyond my service.

After graduating from Michigan State University in 2002 I was drawn to Austin Texas for its bright economic future and sunny skies.

Recruited from college to Applied Materials Inc. I gained invaluable experience in a world-class factory as a Production Control Planner learning the value of precise, documented and superbly executed processes. After three years, I jumped at an opportunity to join David Weekley Homes as a Builder; widely considered one of the finest homebuilding companies in the country. During my four and a half years with DWH's I learned residential construction and customer-care from the very best.

By 2010 I felt it was time to strike out on my own. I formed Zuri Custom Homes & Renovations in July 2010 to bring, excellence, consistency, professionalism and customer-care into the home improvement and home renovation industries. From David Weekley, I carry on the ethic to always "Do the Right Thing", and always, always, always take care of the customer.

Originally from Roseville Michigan, I now reside in Austin, Texas with my beautiful bride Kristin and our dog Shiner. My great joy is to be continuously learning, and I consider myself a lifelong student of business and construction. Kristin and I are active members at Grace Covenant Church, and I love to enjoy God's creation (see Barton Springs Greenbelt) on my mountain bike.

Thanks for visiting our website, and if you ever have a construction project or problem for which you'd like another opinion please call or email anytime.


Business Administrator (part time)

As a licensed social worker and former Director of Business Development, I have a strong interest in helping others understand what they are looking for, as well as supporting them as they achieve their goals. Over the past ten years, I have worked in the long term care industry in a marketing and sales role of a Skilled Nursing facility. My love for older people began early as I visited with my great grandmother in a long term care facility as a young child and was encouraged during my college years when I stumbled across courses in the field of gerontology.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the University of North Texas and went on to pursue a Master’s Degree in Social Work at the University of Maryland with a specialization in Gerontology. Following graduation, I moved to Austin and began my career in Business Development. During this time, I learned to work with both the client and the facility to assist in maintaining the highest possible standard of living for each individual and helping the families through the transition. I thoroughly enjoyed working in this industry but have recently decided to stay at home with the birth of our first child in December of 2011 and begin work with Zuri Custom Homes & Renovations.

Working in a part time administrative role with Zuri, I will be assisting Matt with bookkeeping, developing marketing material, and updating our website and social media sites. I will maintain my license and pursue continuing education in the field of Social Work but also look forward to working with my husband at Zuri Custom Homes & Renovations.